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If some parts of your wall are covered by distinct elements (doors, windows, furniture), the final look of your wallpaper may differ from the model.... That’s why we suggest you to upload a photo of the wall, same time when you submit your order. In less than 24 hours after submission, you’ll receive an email from one of our designers, including your order details, and a rendering of our wallpaper on your wall, exactly as it is. You may approve it by sending us a message, or you may ask our designer for a second rendering, including your required changes. From this moment, we’ll send you the final concept within next 24 hours.
After your final approval, there’s a processing time of 2-12 days (depending on your destination country) for shipping & delivery:
Inside Romania: 2 days
EU countries: 2-5 days
Other countries: 5-12 days

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Don’t be scared! Our designs only feature gentle giants – our dear animal friends are here to accompany your little one on their big adventures, be it playing, learning, exploring, and maybe even singing if you ask the elephant (he’s great at playing the trumpet). Monsters under the bed will never be a bother again, as your jungle friends will be there to protect you.

Oana Vlădilă, architect, co-founder of Aesthetic Design and Aesthetic Kids

The Aesthetic Design and Aesthetic Kids projects began with a dream. A dream about sharing emotion and imbuing people’s lives with beauty. For me, the concept of emotion is like a golden shining star, guiding us through the tangled ways of life.

From Oana’s perspective, designing is a reverse process, which begins with the client’s wishes and ending with the materialization of said wishes through the designer’s creation. The Aesthetic Kids project was brought on a brand new challenge, consisting of a more complex design process, whilst keeping in mind the needs of a child on their path to self-development.

As Oana loves working with gentle, pastel tones, she creates a sense of spatiality and mystery, that truly bring character to a room, and take it one step further toward being a child’s beloved sanctuary.Seeing a happy client and hearing how pleased they are with the addition of our wallpaper to their home brings me immense joy and satisfaction, she says, as a final, yet very important thought.

Measure both the width and height of the wall.

If the wall you are planning on wallpapering  has an odd shape or different heights (such as a staircase, or a wall that comes up to a tilted ceiling) make sure to go by the measurements of the highest and widest point as to cover the wall entirely. 

We recommend you add 5 cm (2 inches) to both width and height when ordering, to account for any irregularities and make sure the wallpaper will cover the wall perfectly. If you wish to wallpaper multiple walls in a room, we recommend you add the 5 cm (2 inches) in height and width  per each wall.  

The wallpaper is printed in rectangular strips and is adjusted to fit the shape of your wall when it is mounted.

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