Our Mission

There’s a child’s Universe, one in wich thoughts and stories are so pure but unsurprising that you can hardly get there. You don’t have to…

For the little ones, the story is a world they imagine - a story created in time and space, a friendly, warm, familiar space. One that creates belonging and can easily become a source for imagination - the personal room.

What closed the brick, opened the wallpaper

The big story from the little room

An empty wall is non-expansive, dressed it becomes expressive and begins to transmit. Therefore, we want to open a world that’s not limited by construction. Through wallpaper we want to create a world for children to play, dream and imagine.

In addition to the beauty of the room, the wallpaper, wallstickers and framed artworks capture the achievement of one of Aesthetic Design Kids' main goals: to create a world in a limited space. Therefore, through our designs, we want to be the impulse of kids’ imagination, to create explorable spaces for their game and play.

Colorful and vibrant or soothing and contemplative, children's wallpaper has become one of the sweetest challenge for us.

Hundred of models come with hundreds of stories. From nature, animals or birds to starry sky, colorful geometric shapes and maps, we are trying to capture in each model a topic with resonance for the little ones. It’s true that the wallpaper can also be chosen depending on child’s personality or hobbies, which is why we

try to capture as many ideas as possible that might fit in the little boy’s or girl’s room.


The printing is made with 100% ecological ink, based on water, therefore it doesn’t emit any odor or substance that endangers the health of children.

If you don’t want a total dressing of your walls, we have other solutions that have an equally impressive impact as wallpapers: our framed artworks or wallstickers have as many stories to tell.  

In addition to the various models from our portfolio, we are open to new ideas. The personal corner has to reflect child’s personality the most, so our team has the necessary skills and knowledge to create the perfect artwork for your baby.

We guarantee impeccable printing services!

Our printers allow the reproduction of the finest color tones, with a high durability over time.

With our own team of designers and production department be sure that your child's room will become exactly what you dreamed of.

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